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Certification Process has being designed to be easy and reliable:




What documentation is required?

All required documentation is already avaliable by your organization, which involves:

  • Block 1: Current disabled employees (ie. contract, disabled certificate,...)
  • Block 2: Products & services outsourced to entities or companies with disabled employees (ie. Special Center, Foundations,...)
  • Block 3: any other documentation related to your commitement with disability.



For disabled employees:

  • Complete list (in some cases samples are taken as auditing procedure)
  • Contract and labour conditions
  • Disabled certificate for each employee
  • Any other documentation related to legislation and labour regulations depending on activity or country




For products and services outsourced to companies with disabled employees:

  • List of suppliers and services (in some cases samples are taken as auditing procedure)
  • Detailed services or products outsourced
  • Contract and conditions
  • Invoices and payments made to this suppliers
  • Any other transactional documentation



For other actions:

  • List of actions
  • Some examples:
    • Accessibility certificate
    • Suppliers with DisCert Certificate
    • Events regarding to disability
    • Training about how to manage disabled employees or costumers
    • and many others!

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