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Certification Process has being designed to be easy and reliable:


How do I send the request form?

You can send your request directly on-line at www.discert.org/request or thru our partners network (see www.discert.org/partners ).




What documentation is required?

All required documentation is already avaliable by your organization, which involves:

  • Block 1: Current disabled employees (ie. contract, disabled certificate,...)
  • Block 2: Products & services outsourced to entities or companies with disabled employees (ie. Special Center, Foundations,...)
  • Block 3: any other documentation related to your commitement with disability.
  • More information about documentation.



How is score obtained?

Score is based on a set of standarized criteria that are classified as the documentation structure.

You will see how your efforts impact in your organitzations score.

More information about scoring.



Who audits the process and issues DisCert Certificates?

DisCert Certificate is the only independent and third-party certification system.

All auditor have expertise about Corporate Social Responsibility and quality management systems.

More information about auditing.



How can we reach excellence?

DisCert Certificate has an improvement model that assures the best and better improvement for your commitment with disabled persons.

And let you show it to the world.

For more information about excellence.






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